Utilisation cookies

General information
WINE AND CO, publisher of the Wineandco.com website and of the mobile site under the brand Wineandco, respects the private life of its users and customers and is committed to consider all the information it gathers, especially concerning the use by the client of the service of online trade in order to buy or obtain a product, as confidential information.

Wineandco uses the personal information it collects from its customers to enable the provision of the services it offers.
In accordance with the provisions of French law dated 6 January 1978 relating to Information Technology, Files and Civil Liberties, the customers of Wineandco.com have a right of access, rectification and deletion of personal information concerning them. This right is to be exercised by changing the personal information online or with:

Direction Marketing
83 Quai de Paludate
33080 Bordeaux Cedex
If the customer has given his/her consent at the time of subscription, or by later modification of his/her personal account its personal data might also be communicated to third-parties partners of WINE AND CO which may send him/her promotional messages.

Furthermore, WINE AND CO may disclose general statistics and demographic information regarding the user and his/her activities, which do not identify or refer to the products or the sites of WINE AND CO, or which do not use or refer in another way to a brand, a trade name or a logo of WINE AND CO.

Policy on the use of cookies
During the visit on our wineandco.com website, cookies are stored on your computer, your mobile or your tablet computer.
Our website is designed to take special care of the needs and expectations of our users.  This is one of the reasons why we use cookies for instance in order to identify you and access your account.
This page helps you better understand how cookies work and how to configure them.

Definition of a cookie
A cookie is a text file stored on your computer when visiting a web site or consulting of an advert.
Its purpose is to collect information regarding your browsing experience and to offer you services adapted to your device (computer, mobile, tablet computer)
Cookies are managed by your internet browser.

The different issuers
Wineandco.com cookies
These are cookies placed by Wineandco.com on your device to meet the needs of internet navigation, optimisation and customization of the services on our website.

 Only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or modify the information that is stored in it.

The cookies that we use on our sites are used to recognize the device of the user when he/she log on to one of our sites in order to:

    Optimise the layout of our sites so it suits the display preferences of your device (display resolution, operating system used...) during your visits according to the supplies and visualization or player software installed on your device,
Allow the User to access to private and personal spaces on our Sites, such as his/her personal account on the base of information given during the creation of his/her account. Thus the User accesses to personalised or reserved content.
    Memorise information following a form that you filled on our Site (access to your account/your preferences).
    Produce statistics and volumes regarding the attendance and the use of our Sites,
Implement monitoring measures, for instance when the User is asked to log in after a certain period of time.

Third party cookies
These are cookies dropped by third party companies (for example partners) to identify your areas of interest and possibly personalise the advertising offer on and outside our website.
They can be dropped when you navigate on our site or when you click on an advertisement on our site.
In the case of a partnership, we ensure that the partnering companies strictly respect the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 and undertake to implement appropriate data security and confidentiality protection measures.

    Audience measurement (AT Internet): http://www.atinternet.com/politique-du-respect-de-la-vie-privee/
    Audience measurement (Google Analytics): https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout
    Membership (Public Idées): fr.publicidees.com/notre-societe/privacy-policies/

Adjust the settings of your web browser
You can deactivate the use of cookies any time. Your browser can also be set up to indicate when cookies are dropped on your computer and to ask you whether you want to accept them or not.
You may accept or decline cookies on a case by case basis or systematically disable them.
We remind you that the setting up is likely to modify your access conditions to our contents and services requiring the use of cookies.
If your browser is set to disable all cookies you will not be able to take advantage of all our services.  In order to manage cookies in line with your expectations we invite you to adjust the settings of your browser taking into account the use of cookies.

Internet Explorer
In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, then Internet Options.
Under the general tab, under the History subtab click Settings.
Click View all files.

Go to the Tools tab of the browser then select the Options menu
In the window which appears, click on Privacy then on Show cookies 

In your browser, click on the Edit menu > Preferences.

Click on Privacy.
Click on Show cookies.

Google Chrome
Click on the Tools menu icon.

Click on Options.
Click on the advanced options tab and access to the Privacy section.
Click on Show cookies.